What are your hours?
We prefer to operate by appointment. Appointments are available Tuesday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm, Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm.

How long is my appointment?
Appointments are scheduled for 1 hour. This allows you to try on up to 6 gowns. Any longer than an hour can become confusing and tiring. If you haven’t found your dream gown in this time frame, we recommend rescheduling with a fresh mind.

Do you charge to try on gowns?
Yes we have a $40 consultation fee.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Bring pictures of dresses you’ve seen on our website, in magazines, or that you’ve tried on elsewhere. Bring an open mind: don’t be surprised if you find “the dress” on your first visit; or if it’s completely different to what you’ve dreamed it might be!

Who should I bring to my appointment?
Although we can only accommodate up to 3 people, we normally find that one or two close friends or family, ensures you are not overwhelmed and keeps the focus on you!

What size gowns are available for me to try on?
We carry a range of gowns from size 6 to size 24. Gowns can be ordered from size 0 to 30.


How far in advance do I need to buy my gown?
Most gowns take between 12 – 15 weeks to order. You also need to allow 6-8 weeks for your fittings and alterations, so ideally ordering around 6 – 8 months out from your wedding, allows the process to run smoothly.

How do I pay for my gown?
We require a 50% deposit on ordering. The other 50% is due within 14 days of the gown arriving in store. We accept Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS and cash.

Sale Gowns
If you are buying a sale gown off our rack, we require 100% payment and ask that you take the dress with you that day.

What are the price ranges for your gowns?
Our gowns start at $599, but are more frequently in the $1800 – $2900. Our sale gowns are $1500 and under.


The price of your gown is for the gown only. We have an in house dress maker who will quote you at the time of fitting.

Can I purchase from you if I don’t live in the Bay of Plenty?
Of Course! We have dealt with many happy Brides from Invercargill to Kaitaia and as far afield as England, Ireland, Australia, Dubai and China. If need be, we can undertake the entire process by phone or email, and courier your gown to you.

What is a rush order?
If your wedding date is sooner than the time we typically need to order a gown, we’ll need to consult with the designer and place a “rush” order, for an additional fee. The gown will arrive either 8 or 10 weeks fron the time of order.